About the Writers

Sam is a student in Southern California. He is very interested in social responsibility, environmentalism, foreign languages and cultures, and a variety of other great things. Like aquabeasties. He is sometimes known by the loving name "Sam-Sam the Renaissance Man." He loves the Harry Potter and His Dark Materials books and has a passion for the water. And the earth.

Sam lives by the ocean and has had close encounters with penguins, sharks, and alligators, and has boated with dolphins. He has also been whale-watching. He has experience in sailing and driving both large and small motorized boats. He has swum with bat rays, held sharks in the Caribbean, and played tug-of-war with octopuses. He dissected a squid in grade school.

Living in California, Sam has seen numerous California Condors, the huge endangered birds which can be mistaken for Thunderbirds. He can identify many kinds of birds (including vultures, another kind of bird that can spur Thunderbird sightings), sees Ospreys regularly, and has a decidedly good relationship with seagulls. He is familiar with the mangrove habitats of the South, which provide a home for thousands of animals, including lots and lots of birds. He has been in sticky situations with giant pelicans, been bitten by two parakeets, and in his neighborhood there is a wild flock of parrots. Sam resents the "and" when people say "birds and animals."

Adam is the modern equivalent of a Renaissance art master. His love of art has lent itself to many talents in and around Aquabeasties. Adam designed the current Aquabeasties header and background. [Ed. note: To say Adam's a good artist is the understatement of the decade. I'm absolutely serious when I say it is out of this world. I'm serious.]

Also, Adam is an experienced snorkeler, and has been on several underwater expeditions with numerous beasties to contend with such as sharks, sea turtles, jellyfish, and barricudas. Adam has not been whale watching, but his keen eye for water monster activity has allowed him to spot whales, ripples in the ocean, and other subtleties which normally would have gone unnoticed. Adam enjoys kayaking and swimming, and, yes, he has dissected a squid. Adam does not like the taste of fish very much, and avoids all cullinary encounters with them when he can, but he is all for saving the inhabitants of our ocean.